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Properly Fitted Orthotics Support the Foot to Control Excessive Pronation and Supination

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The joints and muscles of the body function most efficiently when they are in physical balance. The body is a biochemical kinetic chain where abnormal movements at one line, or joint, can interfere with proper movements at other joints. During standing and walking, our bodies are subjected to natural forces and postures that can inflict mechanical stress and strain throughout the interrelated chain of joints and muscles.

When foot imbalance is present, there is a negative impact on the knees, hips, pelvis, and spine. Some patients must have these abnormal forces reduced before they can achieve improved spinal function. Properly fitted orthotics support the foot to control excessive pronation and supination in a way similar to placing a shim beneath the leg of a wobbly table: it adds support to eliminate unwanted stress on the body.

Custom made orthotics help to reduce or eliminate the following problems:

  • Heel Spurs

  • Flat Feet

  • Arch Pain

  • Ankle Pain

  • Uneven Leg Length

  • Knee Pain

  • Low Back Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches

Benefits of Orthotics

The feet are the foundation of the body. They provide the necessary stability to perform daily activities by supporting the weight of the entire body using a strong, 3-arched bond called the plantar vault.

The plantar vault provides numerous benefits:

  • Balances to the body
  • Propels us forward
  • Safely absorbs heel-strike shock
  • Adapts to walking and running stresses.

Over time, one or more of your arches will weaken due to gravitational pressure. This process is completely natural, but can be expedited by injuries, a short leg, improper posture and naturally weak ligaments and tendons.

Once an arch or multiple arches have weakened, the weight of the body will shift away from the weakened arch and start to apply pressure and stress to the other arches, causing pain and other symptoms throughout the body.

Custom 3 Arch Support

Foot Levelers custom-made orthotics are designed to provide the best possible support for all 3 arches of your feet:

  • Individually crafted based on 3D scans to bolster the arches in your feet
  • Prescribed through Chiropractors to ensure you get the best possible orthotic
  • Available in a variety of styles and builds to suit your lifestyle and needs

Foot Levelers custom orthotics are designed to provide both the instant “ah” factor that over-the-counter orthotics like to market, and the actual needed support for your arches that will relieve pain now and prevent pain later by compensating for any and all of your weakened arches to correct your posture.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, resulting from a gradual degeneration of the plantar fascia or sudden trauma to the area.


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