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The results of subluxations cause sickness and symptoms in the tissues where these nerves go. For some the symptom is headaches, whereas for others, it’s back pain. If a subluxation is left uncorrected, it can affect the structure and function of the joints of the spine, and thus lead to scoliosis, or start the cycle of Spinal Arthritis. Chiropractic therapy is especially helpful for the following conditions: Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, or Pain Radiating Into the Shoulders, Arms or Legs. Headaches, TMJ and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Sports Injuries.


Acupuncture is a painless form of treatment that originated in ancient China. It involves stimulation of specific points of the body along the channels through which Qi, or life force, flows. This is often done through the use of needles. The major benefit of acupuncture is pain relief without the use of drugs. LEARN MORE


Restores the movement and function for someone who is affected by an injury, illness or disability. LEARN MORE

Chiropractic Adjustments

Re-aligning the vertebrae, thus removing the nerve interference and restoring proper function of the spine. LEARN MORE

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is used to relax the muscles and increase circulation to the tissues. LEARN MORE


Properly fitted Orthotics support the foot to control excessive Pronation and Supination. LEARN MORE

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